About Madam Adam.

Madam Adam is an American rock band from Charleston, South Carolina, consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Scott Gould, bassist Kenny Varner, lead guitarist and vocalist Alan Price, and drummer Matthew Reindollar. Madam Adam signed a record deal with Roadrunner Records in late 2009 and began recording their self-titled debut album with producer Skidd Mills (Sick Puppies, Saving Abel) at the Sound Kitchen in Nashville, TN. That record released on April 5th, 2011 and it would produce the band's first radio single, "Sex Ain't Love", an upbeat and hard-rocking song about the restless sexual tensions of today's young adults.

The band quickly made a name for itself with their captivating live performances. After some initial success from touring in support of headliners Halestorm and Sick Puppies and also seeing their single gaining traction on rock charts, Madam Adam came home to find that the world they were just stepping into was changing. After much deliberation and a lot of soul searching, the band and their label agreed to part ways.  

Following a brief hiatus and the subsequent recruiting of guitarist Alan Price (Shinedown, Call Me No One), Madam Adam got straight into writing for their next album. They realized they had a lot to say and wanted to get it all off their chest. By fall of 2013 they had amassed a group of songs that were taking shape as pieces of one overlying theme. A theme they would use to mirror what they saw reflecting back at them from the ever-changing music industry. The band partnered with producer J. Hall (Delta Saints) and writer/engineer Nickolas Blazina to work on what would become the band's sophomore release.

Over two week-long sessions in Nashville, TN, one in November 2013 and the other in February of 2014 (the latter being funded with support from Indiegogo contributions), Madam Adam had brought to life the story of a world wrought in class warfare and civil disobedience - where those with less have to fend for themselves at the outskirts of society and with nowhere else to go but underground. Greed and money rule politics. Resentment and anger fuel an inevitable clash between right and wrong, good and evil. When the album had been fully realized and with the recording finished, the band knew there was only one logical title, 'Rite of Passage'. The journey the band has gone through has been nothing short of that, and the record they made is proof that the story doesn't end there.

"The music being written was organic and authentic, as if a true extension of who they are as people. You can reach out and touch it, smell it, and experience it with them. It’s the sound of a rock'n'roll band, being a rock'n'roll band. Unafraid of politics, status, and/or clout. It’s nothing short of brilliant." - J. Hall, producer